About SB

St.Berchmans Higher Secondary school

St.Berchmans Higher Secondary school is an aided school situated at the heart of Changanacherry. The administration of this prestigious school is vested in the archdiocese of Changanacherry.

A high standard of teaching, discipline, development of moral and social habits and various co-curricular activities which make the students perfect and upright citizens are the main features of the education imparted by us. The school has a team of well qualified, competent, dedicated and experienced teachers. The school campus has an area of ten acres in which all the infrastructure facilities are arranged for the curricular and co curricular activities.

St John Berchmans

St John Berchmans, Patron saint of our school is regarded as a model of excellence and holiness for students.  He was born in the town of Diest in Flanders on March 13, 1599.  His aim was to become a Jesuit priest.  In 1615 he was enrolled in the Jesuit College at Malines.  A year later he entered the novitiate.  He was an enthusiastic student, an excellent actor and orator.  He was a young man of exemplary life, pure conscience and great perfection.

John Berchmans could not complete his studies.  He died of a contagious disease on August 13, 1621.  He was beatified by Pope Pius IX in 1865


St.Berchmans Higher Secondary School. The first school of the Syrian Christians of Kerala, was founded in 1891, by Bishop Charles Levinge, the first Bishop of Changanacherry. It was established to impart sound education to students irrespective of caste or creed. It is the unique feature of S B that it was started as residential school.  The school is directly owned by the Archdiocese of Changanassery. The school started higher secondary course in 1998-99 with two science batches and one commerce batch. At present we have four science batches and two commerce batches. Ever since its foundation, the school pays careful attention to the comprehensive development of its students.

A substatial historical work "St Berchmans School; Suriyanikristhyanikalude English Vidyabhyasathinte Pradhamikapadam" edited by Sri K J Thomas Kallarakkavunkal and Sri Kuriachan Puthukkattil is available in leading bookshops as well as the school library for history enthusiasts.